ETNEP Program

The History of ET Nursing

Download the History of ET Nursing powerpoint here

Mission ETNEP

The CAET-ETNEP provides Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurses with post graduate education and preparation for Canadian Nurses Association (C.N.A) certification in the Enterostomal Therapy (ET) tri-specialty of wound, ostomy and continence management with a focus on quality clinical and cost outcomes.

Vision ETNEP

Develop Enterostomal Therapy ( ET) nursing leaders to advance and sustain the tri-specialty of wound, ostomy and continence management.

About the CAET Enterostomal Therapy Nursing Education Program (ETNEP)

What is ET Nursing?

Enterostomal Therapy Nursing is the tri specialty of wound ostomy and continence. For more information about ET Nursing please go to

How do I become an ET Nurse?

The CAET ETNEP program is the only ETNEP program in Canada. It is a combined online and practical program that can be completed in approximately 12 months.

What Students Learn

Students take four courses: Ostomy Management/Ostomy placement, Continence Management/Continence placement, Wound Management/Wound placement and Professional Practice/No clinical placement. It is estimated that students will spend 10 – 20 hours per week in study.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants must be Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurses with at least 2 years of full time employment in the last 3 years as a Registered Nurse in a clinically relevant area of practice, for example medical surgical nursing, clinical home care nursing, spinal cord rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation etc.

Applications are received twice per year in the English program and once per year in the French program. Applications are reviewed in the order they are completed. Class size is limited to 20 students.

Acceptance in to the ETNEP program is competitive. Priority may be given to those applicants with a guaranteed ET Nursing Job that is dependent upon graduation from the ETNEP program. A signed letter from an employer stating that there is a job promised, must be attached to the application. Applicants must request priority admission at the time of their application.

For more information about the application process please go to the application page found here.

Clinical Placement

Students complete two weeks (75 hours) of clinical placement at the end of each clinical course (a total of 225 hours). Supported by the program faculty, students are placed with an experienced ET Nurse or Clinical Specialist. Although many Canadian ET Nurses volunteer their time and expertise to mentor, some facilities charge students a daily fee ($50.00 – $100.00 per day). This fee is the sole responsibility of the student and is in addition to tuition fees.

CAET endeavors to place students in their geographical areas but this is not always possible. All students must be prepared to travel to placements at their own costs. For more information about clinical preceptorship please go to the Preceptor page found here.

Canadian Nurses Association Enterostomal Therapy Specialty Nurse Certification

Upon graduation from the CAET ETNEP graduates may use the general title of “ET Nurse”. But this is not a protected title and may be used by others indiscriminately weakening the value of the title. However successfully writing the CNA Certification exam allows the ET Nurse to use the protected title of CETN (C)

The CAET Academy strongly encourages ET nurses and graduates to apply to write the CNA Certification exam as soon as possible after graduation.

Putting the CNA certification credential after your name indicates to patients, employers, professional-licensing bodies and the public that you are qualified, competent and current in the specialty of ET Nursing. It distinguishes you as a Registered Nurse who “Cares to Be the Best”!

Please go to the CNA website at

Why choose the CAET ETNEP Program? Learn, Care and Lead.

We know that you have choices in programs. So why should you choose this program?

  • Learn in French or English in small classes with flexible enrolment, building strong relationships with colleagues and specialists from across Canada online and in clinical settings.
  • Care to be the best by graduating from the most rigorous academic and clinical program available (225 hours of supervised clinical placement).
  • Lead wound, ostomy and continence management in any Canadian Healthcare setting including acute care, community care and long term care.

Notice to applicants for the French language program

The CAET ETNEP program is offered in French and English. Candidates who wish to take their ET Program in French have one start date in September. There is no January intake in the French program due to limited numbers of French speaking applicants.

Avis aux candidates pour le programme de langue française

Le programme PFIS de l’ACS est offert en français et en anglais. Les candidates qui désirent prendre le programme en français doivent s’inscrire au cours qui débute en septembre. Il n’y a pas de cours en français offert en janvier en raison du nombre limité de candidates francophones.

Program Schedule

The CAET ETNEP Program is full for the following intakes:
January 2017, September 2017. We are now receiving applications for January 2018.

Application Deadline
Professional Practice Pre Learning
Ostomy Management
Continence Management
Wound Management
Professional Practice Post Program

October 2016
Jan 2017
Jan – May 2017
May – Aug 2017
Sept – Dec 2017
Jan 2018
May 31 2017
Aug 2017
Sept – Dec 2017
Jan – May 2018
May – Sept 2018
Sept 2018
October 2017
Jan 2018
Jan – May 2018
May – Aug 2018
Sept – Dec 2018
Jan 2019
May 31 2018
Aug 2018
Sept – Dec 2018
Jan – May 2019
May – Sept 2019
Sept 2019

*Please note that dates are subject to change

Cost of the CAET ETNEP Program

Academic Tuition:

  • $4500.00
  • May be paid online in three installments

Clinical Tuition:

  • No charge in most facilities
  • Some facilities charge up to $100.00 per day (this is an additional cost separate from the tuition costs and is payable to the institution where the Preceptorship takes place.)


  • 3 required texts approximately $100.00 each
  • There may be other texts required at the discretion of the program

CAET Membership:

  • $145.00
  • ETNEP Students are required to be CAET members and to purchase the Journal of Wound Ostomy and Continence. Memberships must be kept up to date for the duration of the program. For information please go to

Cost of Textbooks


The ETNEP Program is moving to the new Core Curriculum Texts produced by the Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses Society. These will be phased in for current students. New students will start using this series in September 2016. If you have questions please contact the CAET Academy Director at


Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society™ Core Curriculum: Ostomy Management, 1st edition


ISBN: 9781451194395


Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society™ Core Curriculum: Continence Management, 1st edition


ISBN: 9781451194418


Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society™ Core Curriculum: Wound Management, 1st edition


ISBN: 9781451194401

CAET Academy students are able to purchase these books directly from the publisher at a discount. Students are encouraged to purchase their books early, to ensure that they have them at the opening of the course. Students are may go directly to Login Canada and purchase their textbooks at a discount. Please go to

Funding Sources for CAET ETNEP

  • CAET offers an annual academic award to the graduate with the highest marks.
  • Check your Provincial Nursing Associations for funding.


Each year graduates of the CAET ETNEP may apply for awards and bursaries.

Click here for details.


Contact the Administrator of the CAET ETNEP